Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Who is more courageous?

A person who has courage to cry in front others 
OR someone who keeps their problems to themselves? 
I vote for the latter. 

I know a guy in my college who is always in verge of helping others either listening their troubles or lending them shoulder to cry on. In one of our rarest of rarest talk, he had said people who cry and speak about their problems are more courageous. I didn’t reply that. 
But later, I went back to that moment millions of times in my mind with a better answer to give him. 
I differ to agree with him every time.  
Why shouldn’t I? 
         Anyone can cry in front of the other but it’s hard to hold back tears when you badly want to. Everyone has their own reasons to hide tears. Some don’t want to depress the other and some want to handle it on their own. You don’t agree with me? OK, than give me one reason why I shouldn’t call the latter more courageous? 
          A person who openly talk about their problems and cry on others shoulders, only waste others time. They never take your advice nor are they going to stop crying after you assure everything will be OK. Yeah, they do have courage to make others unnecessarily depress. 
Like always, today also I would admit that we should clear our own mess just like we don’t ask others to wash our shit until you are completely handicapped. 
If only, I could tell him this in person.