Monday, 23 September 2013

Gives MORE..

Recently, I met an old friend in one of the gatherings. I had lost touch with him long back so, i was completely clueless about this glum expression. When asked about it he said," relationships are too much too handle! It bloody sucks the whole out of you to give nothing but pain!"
Those words were more than enough to understand it's just another terrible break-up. We spoke over this for hours only for me to hear this words out of his mouth at the end- I WOULD NEVER FALL IN LOVE AGAIN!
It didn't get it!   
Why are we so scared and doubtful?
If not that! We surely are stuck between whether I or Whether I don't!
Relationship is not something we should be scared or be worried about. It's not something to waste time on wondering whether it's right, whether it'll work, will history repeat itself, do i really love that person, does he and blah and unlimited blahhhhh..
Think over this-

My thoughts-
"Relationship gives more than it takes..
If it works, it gives you the most beautiful feeling,
And if doesn't work, it gives world another GREAT PHILOSOPHER."

Both the ways, we benefit! So, why waste thinking over all those nuisance? Enjoy life as it comes.