Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Should I ask for you?

“Sadness is something which is not already written in destiny but something we ask for and nurture it.” It’s my saying and what else should I say about it. I mean, when we have choice to be happy why do we cry about everything?!
Everyone face one or the another problem in life. It’s just not you who suffer. Take today’s newspaper and try to read crime in city column instead page3. You’ll find so many tragic stories in their stories. Even a criminal can make you weep with their past life. True, there is sadness in each and every part of this world. But who says we have to let it control our mind and soul? You only decide whether you want happiness or sadness in life. If you are depressed, ask yourself who ask for it. ‘You did’ is what going to echo back to you. If you broke up with your sweetheart, if parents are fighting, if you don’t like the best girl in college, you cry! Why?! Instead laugh louder at this silly turn in life. And be an example to yourself who knows happiness is way of living and not a destiny’s puppet.
Mark my personal words- “Many said life is not an easy ride and comes with many hurdles but they forgot we have rear view to look at and learn from.”
So, why cry about every little things and have anti-depressant! Smile at every little moments and hurdles. Then see, how the biggest problem in your life will seem a Lilliput.