Monday, 19 August 2013

DON'T give up..!

Who doesn’t know me, in short introduction I not only write blogs, I also write stories. One of my short love stories have given my friends dreamy days and desire to read again & again. Those aren’t my self-made words. It was enough to encourage me to write what I always wanted to- A murder mystery. I started it. 5...7...10...13...16...20 pages was reached and yet my mystery was unsolved.
One day, while working on a project, my friend happens to read it and kept asking who the killer is! All his guesses were wrong. Whole scenario made me giggle & wonder how the final draft would look like. Next day, I got busy with college events then some or the other work consumed my weeks. Months passed but mystery remained unsolved in that 20 page word document. I either felt too lazy or worthless to write ahead though I never really got over the story.
Today my murder mystery- A CONCERT NIGHT is completed and well-appreciated by others. Only one thing inspired me to complete it, which was THE LOVE FOR WRITING. I don’t know if I’m born to be an author or not but I know I can’t go wrong in doing what I love to do.
I’m sure you might have gone through such phase in life. Remember this-
“Just don’t give up
Trying to do what you
Really want to do where
There is love and inspiration;
I don’t think you can go wrong."  
So, what are you waiting for? Wipe the dust off your guitar & compose a song on a tune you’ve been humming lately; take a paper & draw the cartoon strip which you always imagined & laughed at; stop looking at dance classes ads, call them & JOIN NOW!
Until you try you’ll never know, whether it was a good decision or not. Yeah, you may be disappointed if you fail but you are doomed if you don’t try.