Wednesday, 12 December 2012



In simple words, an addiction to something is a very strong desire or need for it. I admit that I’m addicted. Yes, you read it right.

I’m addicted to listening music in full volume. After I ruined 3rd headphone in 4months, I wasn’t allowed to buy new one (My bad!). To be frank, I felt sick without it. It was as if a singer having bad throat for months, a footballer with a fractured leg, only karaoke playlist—to describe it best- “A drug addict without drug!”It sounds dramatic but those 2 months without headphones were the same.

Today, I brought a new headphone. The sound echoing in my ears felt like I’m reborn. I salute those who could get away from any sort of addiction because doing a project is easy but to feel what they feel is difficult. It’s not like an addict isn’t aware of his/ her addiction’s CONS but needs immense will power and true support to remove addiction completely.

Let it be facebook, food, video games or any other addiction, remember to admit that you have a problem and figure out a solution. After all,there is no harm in admitting your problem. So, next time when you come across an addict try to understand him/her by keeping yourself in their shoes (Not literally!).

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