Tuesday, 23 April 2013


fog's pics
    I’ve seen many problems, not just mine but others too. Some are struggling with disabilities, some trying to overcome financial troubles and some trying to mature early to understand their parent’s quarrels. In my trouble d days, either my diary let me shed some tears on it or I would smile saying it’s just another day. Like every morning, I opened my balcony’s sliding door to take a look at beautiful reddish orange sky but today I was irritated to find fog covering the picturesque view. I tried very hard to look through and enjoy the blur view. The blur view only added to my dismay. I waited for 10mins then 20mins for sky to get clear. However, it only reminded me of yesterday’s picturesque view. As I was turning back to get back to my daily routine, I felt water drip on my cheek. And there was RAIN! Forgetting everything, I started to enjoy the rain. '
It thought me something which is similar to our life’s situation:

“Problem is like a fog which a cheerless warning before rain.
Just like we forget it & enjoy the rain.
Forget the problem & learn to enjoy its beautiful lessons.”
Rains pic

        Isn’t it a beautiful lesson? So, next time when you look at your broken relationships, try to look at the lesson it’s trying to teach you as in the end, it’s just a warning before the start of a beautiful relationship.
        Sometimes we may take failures to our heart but that’s OK as we are humans & we can’t brave everything at once. Next time when you’re sad, remember this-

“Days are just like our emotions,
Call it twins.
Both can’t be forced to stay & are meant to change.
If it’s not good today,
Smile, as it’s going to pass anyway.”

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