Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Does love needs mere words


                 Do you love a person who babble or does sweet talk about you to others? If yes, then rather than thinking ‘WHAT THE HELL’ is this article & jumping to another article do give a look to this as your definition of LOVE may seem different at the end of this!
                   Wondered why expressing love through actions like trying to make a cake (half of which is either on clothes or face), fighting with their loved one’s enemy (not even knowing who they are), being a shoulder for them to cry on seems so less in front of the so-called-filmy ‘MAGICAL WORDS’? It demands words like I love you, I will be there for you, and I care for you. Doesn’t this stuck your chord that all those actions always need a word to prove them rather than being opposite of it. Actually, it’s not entirely our fault as we are grown up watching those overrated love stories wherein after meeting of eyes, listening to heroine’s laughter, fighting with villain and smelling the scent of heroine (remember, TWILIGHT?) makes them fall in love and we award them with our belief that it is the way it should be. Are we correct? Of course not! Being the children of that world wherein texting, facebooking, BF & GF’s love rules every heart, we have lost the true real meaning of LOVE. Love didn’t limited to boyfriend & girlfriend, it included parents, friends & which never needed word to express it but mere actions did all the talking. Isn’t it? You may say that we all have many experiences with LOVE (be it for parents or anyone else) & you can even well-define it (PROOF- your last facebook status).  If that’s the case than, tell me honestly did you ever found happiness in those mere words and expensive gifts? Maybe for few days but it never takes the place of those kiddish handmade gifts. One can never feel the warmth of their love in those last-moment-effortless purchased gifts. It can be only felt in those imperfect-personal-touch gifts which make us priceless due to the effort done by them. By the way what’s with those RIBBONS ‘N’ BALLOONS cakes which you buy for them (can’t they buy it) every time? It seems like its punishment for you. It’s not the way one should gift their loved ones.  It should be like giving a greeting having that SR. KG style drawing (they would laugh out loud), scrapbook full of your photos with them (it’s not only upload in FB), a song speaking your heart out about your love or admiration for them (no matter if you sound like Justin bieber). After seeing such a dedication, the true million dollar smile will not be hidden in their face. Its priceless, guys. Such moment not only go in their diary but also make it unforgettable memory.
                  But I’m damn sure, many of you would still continue to have liking for ‘THE MAGICAL WORDS’ which can easily hide the fakeness & shallowness of true meaning of those emotions. Blame it to overrated movie, Shakespeare (forgot, ROMEO-JULIET?) or educational system which doesn’t include the most complicated subject- ‘LOVE’, at the end it’s our choice to fall prey of those shallow words or those emotions attached in every sweet actions. I choose that I’m going to be hard to impress with mere words. What about you?

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