Monday, 30 July 2012


A day for which every sister eagerly await throughout the year to cash on it & every brother wait for the cheapest but the most precious RAKHI which their sisters tie. RAKSHABANDHAN, one of the most celebrated festivals in India is the day to mark the love between siblings. This year it is coming on 2nd of august but I’m not too excited about it. It isn’t because I don’t like it but the reason is I lost the connection with this festival. It’s nothing related to bro. We are like Best friends who hurt, love, fight, irritate and support each other. I can always turn to my bro whenever I feel I’m left with nothing but PAIN. He is also one of those people with whom I can talk hours without getting bored or with a fear of boring them. Though he may not know my friends & foes by face but can easily tell you where they fit in my life. PERFECT SIBLINGS, we are..! Touch wood!
The reason for writing this today is related to something which happened in today’s 8:22am Panvel train. I saw the same love and care in eyes of a poor young boy who was busy tying his little sister’s hair, perfectly. It was as if he is doing that for years without any complain.
photos clicked by Malini

photos clicked by malini
It remembered me of those days when after fight, my bro would break the silence first to talk to his stubborn & egoistic sister; those days when bro would get chocolates to share it with me & in return I would give him it’s empty rapper with a big mischievous smile & he never complained; standing like a heavy armour in front of me when mom-dad would come to hit me for my mistakes. I felt as if each & every moment came alive in front of my eyes.  I understood why I used to wait for bro to wake up morning early on RAKSHBANDHAN, it wasn’t for the gift but to tie own made rakhi. That Rakhi which was not just a thread but that sibling’s love which is UNCONDITIONAL..!! I’m going to make one again after many years for my BESTEST BRO IN THE WORLD..!!
Tell me about your story..

Photos: Clicked by me with my samsung mobile.

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