Thursday, 1 November 2012

You and Me..

The moment I think of you,
I wanna talk to you,
But I don't talk to you.

When I'm sad,
I curse not being with you,
But i don't make efforts to be with you.

I may cry inside missing you,
But won't tell you.

I may kill anyone who hurts you,
But somewhere I would be the one who
would be hurting you the most.

I may babble everyday about my feelings for you,
But won't admit it to you.

I love to tease you like its a daily routine,
But when you do the same,
I look at you with my mouth agape.

When I'm happy,
I give you it's credit,
But its same when I cry.

All I wanna say is,
No matter how I'm or how I'll be,
I would be the same MALINI of yours..

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