Tuesday, 9 October 2012


             Not in Google or Wikipedia, than where do you find repose? Probably not in a room full of money, not in the most expensive car, and not even in luxurious home. So, where do you find it? For me, sitting alone in my terrace looking at moon with headphone on makes me feel at repose.
            When you hear your parents argue, fights with partner, tired of workload, depressed of daily setback, you surely not find repose in some luxurious thing. Instead some find it in someone’s shoulder, parent’s arms, silent night, and an empty room, your favourite pillow to cry on and like me hearing music with full volume..! Funnily, some find it in very unusual place i.e. WASHROOM too. Isn’t it? I’m not giving some silly speeches on happiness but talking about the calmness that you feel when everything seems falling down.
            We, many a times forget to take notice of these small things and curse the almighty for leaving us with no one. So, what you don’t have someone to share your emotions with? Only they can’t make you feel good, right? Instead be happy that you don’t have anyone as if they can be reason behind your smile than they can also be reason behind your sorrow. Am I wrong? Come on, smile. Look at those trees under whom you found sleep, those nights when it hugged you with its cold breeze, those empty rooms where you cried and it didn’t laughed back, when you were traveling alone, your favourite singer sang for you, when you wanted to take your frustration out, your book without any complain let you ruin it. They surely don’t have voice like we humans do but think it as a positive sign. They won’t hurt you by saying what, you don’t want to hear. Feeling bored after reading this? Then you can always turn back to your favourite- “REPOSE STUFFS.”
              I’m dedicating this song for you...Have a great time hearing this.

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